AMD FX6100 and Asus M5A78L-M LX/BR

Hello there, my first question on TH and here's my trouble
I just got AIDA64 to log info about my system before the BSOD 0x124 (but that's not main problem right now)...
So, I was analyzing the log from the last BSOD and I see that CPU speed was almost 4GHz (3.9GHz :O) with 19.5 multiplier and 200MHz of FSB. I'm not sure if this is some misinformation from the AIDA64, some sort of bug but it really scared me. Btw, I do NO overclocking at all.
If anyone could enlighten me if Asus manage some auto overclocking or whatever via BIOS, which is up to date btw, because everything there is set to AUTO. I accept any theory :)

Thanks in advance
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  1. :o Call the bomb squad, she's gonna blow !!

    (not really)

    That is the Turbo function, and it is perfectly normal.
  2. my knwoledge about hardware is a little outdated :/
    I read about it and I understood
    thanks for the reply
    now it's time to dig about the BSOD 124...
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