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Auto shutdown for windows 7 64 bit

I read a thread on how to auto shutdown your pc using AmpSoft Winoff. I downloaded and it says it is not compatible. I am running windows 7 64bit OEM.

Is there any way to get my PC to auto shutdown at a given time?
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    You can use task scheduler to do exactly what you want, it's built into Windows 7.
  2. amp winoff is one of the best freeware softwares i have ever used

    and it works perfectly on my windows 7 64bit--didnt have to use compatibility mode--just installed it as


    so dont know why it says its incompatible for you

    did you download it directly from their website?
  3. Yeah, that was where I downloaded it from. I just set up a task, gonna see how that works.
  4. Thanks all
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