Case coolers, about their speed

I have a HAF X case from Cooler master, and a computer with the following settings:

-P8z77-v deluxe, i5 3570K, Gtx 660 TI SC.

Right now, i´m using Fanxpert 2 to control the coolers, but they came with a threshold of 600 rpm(all the fans, top,side, front and rear, on the software only, i have no idea about the fans Rpm) and i would like to know what to do(i mean, i´ve never had a good pc before) to set everything to their best. I´ve playing skyrim, crysis 2, battlefield 3 on the best settings possible(battlefield 3 not so much) but still, i think the fans can go faster without damage to them.

Right now, the cpu fan(fan xpert 2 data) is about 1000 rpm, side and top are off, front at 330 and back at 500, with the cpu at 37-38 °C. They dont go higher than 600 rpm(the software default limit), even if the cpu gets hotter and hotter.

Anyone has any idea about how to do it?

thanks in advance
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  1. Replace the fans with faster ones
  2. Motopsychojdn said:
    Replace the fans with faster ones

    Sorry, but i my text is a bit confusing, already fixed.

    That threshold is just a default number that came on the software from the motherboard, fanxpert 2 (dont know any other). The fans dont have 600 rpm as a limit.

    I want to know is; on the fanxpert(or any other software) how to get this limit higher AND which is the best number to put as a limit without damaging the fans(of course, if its the fan limit, we are talking about a heavy load on the computer)

    thanks, and sorry for my first text :)
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