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I am coping my hdd to a 128 ssd in my new HP, it is at 99% done and now auto Expand-finish resizing, how long does this take, thanks Dave
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  1. Copying hdd to sdd in what fasion? If you simply trying to copy the drive over manualy the boot MBR won't copy and you'll run into issues with Windows authentication? Are you trying to make the sdd bootable in place of the hdd? If your simply trying to replace the hdd with the ssd I would do a clean install to get rid of all the old congestions on the old drive but if you simply want to copy everything over to the ssd and swap them out presuming the new drive is larger than the old one I would use a clone program like CloneZilla. Simply clone the old drive to the new one and use a partition manager like Easeus Partition Manager to claim the unallocated space on the new drive after the clone.
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