No molex connectors

Hello guys

I stumbled across a problem when building my first computer.

The case I purchased came with 2 fans which have molex connectors

My psu has not arrived yet but I'm sure it does not have any it is a corsair cx430

Is their any way to get molex adapters or something that can enable me to use this fans?

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  1. The Corsair Builder Series CX430 (SKU# CP-9020046) comes with a fixed cable that has three 4-Pin Molex Peripheral Power Connectors and one 4-Pin Floppy Diskette Drive (i.e. Berg) power connector on it.
  2. Thank you I needed that cleared up also is there any way to plug in a 4 pin fan to a psu?

    I have 2 I need to plugin.
  3. What is the brand and model of the case?

    Some of the case fans included with some cases have a power connector that allows daisy chaining of the 4-pin Molex peripheral connectors.
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