EVGA 560 TI 448 Classified - Crashing??


So I just got my new GPU in the mail the other day. I dropped her into my system -i5 3570k, 750W TX Corsair PSU, Asus P8Z77-V Mobo, 8GBs of Corsair Vengeance LP) So I did what all good people do and download the drivers for the video card the most recent ones 301.42. Started to install the games I got from the steam summer sale (Witcher 2/Skyrim/etc etc.) So I decided to jump on WoW to do a small test and see how the fps is on there. About 3minutes into loading the game with Ultra set on it the screen goes black the GPU fans hit maximum and system is rebooting but the EVGA logo isnt glowing on the card and nothing is popping up on the screen. After shutting the machine down I checked and it BSOD'd with dxgkrnl.sys/dxgmms1.sys/nvlddmkm.sys as the root causes finding this out by using BlueScreenView. So This testing process went on for about 2 more hours uninstalling the drivers for the gpu using previous ones or beta ones. and everytime it shuts downs and I restart the machine a new dump file is registered for a BSOD. If you peeps got any ideas on what it could be great until then she runs fine just when I go into games the screen goes black.
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  1. Pull out the card from your PC, including the 12v power cables. Then re-install it, making sure it's pushed firmly in place.

    What kind of GPU did you use before this one? nVidia, ati or Intel HD?
  2. Intel HD 4000 series and it worked perfectly fine.
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