Help choosing best CPU for my motherboard?

So, I am considering upgrading my CPU at some point in the relatively near future, and I was wondering what kind of stats I need to look at regarding how it will work with my motherboard. My biggest concern, naturally, is not getting a CPU that is way more powerful than my motherboard can handle, thus keeping me from getting the most value for my CPU.

Here is my motherboard:

Here is my current CPU:

Here is one CPU I am considering (currently top of my list):

Thanks for any help or tips!
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  1. FX 8350 is a s good as it gets right now.

    You might need a bios update.
  2. Since you have an AM3+ motherboard, you can pretty much any AMD processor. As for the best CPU you can get, you picked the right one, 8350FX. You could get the 8320FX and overclock it, but I just don't see the point in that when a faster process is only $20 more.
  3. Thanks guys, sounds like I'm on the right track. My big concern here is front side bus speed between motherboard and CPU, as I'm not entirely sure how that works. It doesn't seem like there will be any issues, though.
  4. Wait a year for Steamroller based FX series to come out, then upgrade. Save yourself cash & get yourself the performance you really deserve.
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