Good airflow case?

I'm going to be building my first PC soon so I was wondering what cases had good airflow. My budget is around $150. I was looking at the fractal r4 and knew it was good for noise, but is it good for air cooling? Any recommendations for cases?
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  1. Are you going for a mild overclock (4.2 assuming you have a 3570K) or trying for max?

    Would think the R4 is fine unless you are trying to get max air OC.

    If I was buying today I'd go the R4 route (still, the 500R is nice and has tons of cooling options).
  2. Nothing too intensive. I was planning on slightly overclocking my cpu (yes it's a 3570k) and HIS 7950 GPU.
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    Fractal Design Define R4 is great for you in that case.. If you want something with better airflow, wait until March when etailers can officially sell the new Arc Midi R2 case, that's there high end air performance case (lots of radiator room & mesh dust filters).
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