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Hey, i'm new here and I just have a quick question. I recently built my first ever gaming pc and everything is great. The graphics card I use is the 560ti and I was wondering how SLI works. Is it as simple as if you put in 2 560ti's it doubles power or is it like a 25% increase or does it depend?
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  1. It will depend entirely on the game. Some games will have no increase (with some even loosing performance). Other games will run at near 100% increases. On average I'd say it's around a 65% increase. For the games that don't support sli/crossfire you can disable the 2nd (or 3rd) GPU in the nVidia control panel. You might also notice some micro stuttering as the two GPUs sync up their outputs, but I never noticed it on myself when I was using a pair of 460s.
  2. Ok thanks. I was debating whether to get a second 560ti for Crysis 3 because I just saw a video of the graphics and I'm not sure if one 560ti can handle it.
  3. do you have a motherboard capable of sli & an appropriate cpu so you don't get any bottlenecks? just checking so you don't buy something that won't work/won't be effective ;)
  4. the term is called scaling...
    and it's dependent on the particular game in question, resolution as well as drivers.
    I have scaled as much as 92% depending on the game like I stated..
  5. Yeah i think so. I have the MSI Z77A-G45 Motherboard and an intel i5 core.
  6. what games and resolution.?

  7. I'm at 1920x1080 resolution and I usually would play PC exclusive games or games better with PC. Like Witcher 2, Civ V, Tribes: Ascend, Metro 2033, and hoping for Crysis 3.
  8. what drivers are you on.?
  9. Sorry if I sound stupid. But how would I find that out at the moment? I am not near the computer.
  10. gonna have to wait then...
  11. Ok I am able to check now but I still don't know what you mean?
  12. nVidia drivers, what version.?
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