NZXT Phantom Tower 3 pin connectors

So I got this tower and it has 4 3 pin connectors, which I'm assuming is for the fan control option. Where do these go exactly because they are no motherboard slots for them.
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  1. The male end fan connectors connect to the fan controller and the fan controller connects straight to the power supply.
  2. The 4 3 pin connectors that are with case have no power supply connection. I could take picture to make the thing I'm talking about more clearly.
  3. There isn't anything about the 4 3 pin connectors
  4. under part 7 your 3 pins fans they plug to the case controller you could also contact them they will tel you where to plug the fans at ( service )
  5. look at the review on they tel you that these cable are from the fan control on the case and each is labeled to the fan it wil connect to also you should have a 4 pins molex to connect to psu for power on the controller
  6. I just see no where to plug these pins into, or am I just completely looking over something? I know what they are from, I just have no where to plug these cables into.
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