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Today I just got my new motherboard! NICE. it is perfectly healthy along with my other parts. I have installed it to the "t" of the manual. But it doesn't seem to turn on. I have the ASUS P8H61-MX. Micro. The green light turns on indicating that it has power to it. I have followed to manual to the front panel pin connector settings, they all seem to be fine but no such luck. Even tried sparking it with a trusty Philips screw driver. No suck luck. Seems to me I have a faulty motherboard or I am just being a massive mono noob. Any suggestions kind sirs/madams?
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    I don't see how "sparking" it with a screwdriver would help at all. Double check and make sure you have all the front panel headers headers in the right place, and try flipping the power one around the opposite way. If that doesn't work, it could be a problem with your case's power button. Depending on your case, there is usually some way to fiddle around until you can reach the circuitry behind the font-panel buttons, usually from the inside of the case. If no connections are blatantly severed, it could be something pretty hard to fix. Otherwise, to eliminate the possibility of the standoffs creating a short behind the mobo (Rare, but it happens) take out the board, put it on top a cardboard box, connect everything, and try again. This kind of thing is exactly why I prefer motherboards with power buttons on them.
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