Should i be worried

Today i was playing some games on my gaming rig and it started to freeze once in a while. i couldnt press the power button to turn off the rig so i just flipped the switch on the power supply. when i turn the rig back on, it gives me a message saying there was a power surge or something and set off the asus anti-surge function. i could then just boot right back up as if nothing had happen. could it just be me or my power supply?

i7 3770ki stock speeds
8gb of gskill 1600mhz ram
asus z77-v Lk
mushkin chronos deluxe 240gb SSD
gigabyte gtx670 windforce
xfx xxx 750w power supply
corsair 550D case
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  1. If you have any power surge protection before your power supply than you are fine if not you are still fine booting but I would wait for an hour or 2 of normal use before doing anything that need much power (i.e. play a game or video editing).
  2. i doubt we had a power surge. my brothers computer was running fine which was atttached to the same wall socket

    ill look into that thanks
  3. Seems like a balance of power issue -- to much wattage demand from the same wall socket.
  4. jemm said:
    Seems like a balance of power issue -- to much wattage demand from the same wall socket.

    Yeah, this seems to be the problem. Try plugging your rig into another power outlet..
  5. yeah. we've got 3 computers plugged in but we only use 2. ill move it to a different one as well
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    1) Do not think you had a power surge, The system iinterpreted you flipping the Rocker switch off at the back as a surge vs a Lose of Power (black-out).

    2) Yes flipping the PSU rocker switch off can create a problem, It all depends on what the computer is doing when the switch is turned off. Most cases will just give a error message asking if you want to start up in saft mode or resume Normall mode. However if the System happens to be writing to the file allocation table, or the location of writing gets hosed and it writes to the MBR, your data be be lost.

    3) Need to determine cause of freezing, is it Ram or Heat, or a PSU issue.
    .. Down load Prime 95 and run in blend mode (default). this will (1) test memory and CPU for errors (stability). (2) Monior temps (look at individual 4 cores) for eccesive temps. (monitor PSU Voltages, Primarily the + 12 V My Min recommend value is 11.6 V (spec is 11.4 Min). Also +12 V should not drop more than +0.3 V between Idle and load.

    To test GPU (also loads the +12 V rail) run Furmark, this time monitor GPU temp and the +12 V rail.
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