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Installed an opteron 180 into a hp5150mt motherboard, used the stock cpu, applied artic silver 5 thermal grease and seated the 939 heatsink on. Booted Boot screen tells me that processor fan fails. I replace it brand new fan. Boot again it tells me same thing. So I replace power supply and try both new and original cpu fan. I get the cpu fan failure again. Put old power supply back in and get another 3 pin fan from another 754 socket. Tried the first two fans same error. Then try the 3 pin 754 socket cpu fan computer boots. Go to check temperatures in bios. I let the cpu heat up until it got to 65 C turned it off. Took off the heatsink cleaned all the thermal grease off. Reapplied thermal grease sat the heatsink on again. Fired it up Cpu still wanting to overheat. I remove heatsink clean all areas about 5 times still same result. Tried applying a new heatsink matching socket of course and reapply thermal grease once with a bb size dot on the processor spread out with a card to create thin layer across whole cpu. Cpu still overheat so I tried again with spreading both on processor and heatsink with the same result. I don't know what to do.
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    considering the dx5150 only supports athlons up to the x2 4400+ I'm not surprised you're having problems.
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  3. I undervolt my Operton 180 to help with the overheating problem. It doesn't completely solve the problem but it helps a lot.
    The lowest I've been able to go is 1.025V
    If I go any lower, the system won't post. Even at 1.025V it nearly doesn't post (there's a 30 second post delay).
    I'm currently running at 1.175V which is working well (doesn't cause a post delay).
    I also had to buy a pretty good cooler and an additional case fan.
    Why this processor runs so hot, I'm not sure. Maybe a defective batch floating around.
    It sure is fast though. It performs better in games than my Core2 Duo E6300.

    Note: I recommend backing up your system before messing with the voltage. Twice while trying lower voltages as I ended up with an unstable system that resulted in odd errors and some data corruption. Also, if your system remains stable at 1.300V, I wouldn't bother dropping the voltage any lower (as I mentioned, I'm currently at 1.175V but it's still just a test).
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