Need help getting a case.

I am planning on buying a new case for my PC, if you guys can help me, I would appreciate it.



PSU: (I have 750W)

I don't know what else to include in the mix, so if you can please tell me what I am missing, I would appreciate it. I am planning on spending anything from 0-50$ at least. Thanks for all your help, and thanks for reading!
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  1. Is this a new PC build or just a new case for old PC?
  2. New case for old PC.
  3. Thanks, I really appreciate the help.
  4. Check out Newegg. They run daily deals all the time for cases. This is on there now for $64 with an $11 off promo code but ends today.

    Tomorrow will probly be another one so just keep an eye out
  5. Check out the Cooler Master Stryker, so cool. Its what Im building in right now
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