Looking for a pre-built computer than can handle games decently. :P

Can anyone refer me to anything? I'm looking in the price range of about 700$. Thanks a lot! ^_^
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  1. You're going to have a hard time getting someone to recommend a pre-built for you on this forum. Most of us, including me, are going to comment on this thread until we can get you to just make one and save yourself money/get much better parts.

    Now before you go all "I ca't build one because I don't know jack about computers" on me, take 40 minutes of time and become a pro at building them.


    Its really just an expensive Lego set.
  2. Alright, thanks for trying. :P I'll watch it, but I'm sure I'll still end up going with a pre-built. :/
  3. Its really not as hard as it looks. I guarantee that.

    Its also cheaper 90% of the time.
  4. I know it's a lot cheaper, and "easy" to do. :P Haha, but if you had to recommend a pre-built, what would it be?
  5. That's really hard to do, as they usually use ok components except for the power supply. Unless you pay them alot more, they stick a really lame power supply in there, which generally doesnt sit right with me. Power supplies cause alot of problems if they are not high quality.

    Most of them are not balanced really either. In that for a gaming computer, they put an i7, where for gaming you really don't need more than a i5. The i7 doesnt offer any more performance.

    That's why I prefer the building route. You get quality parts AND feel accomplished.

    Most of the Cyberpower ones I am looking at are horribly unbalanced. I didn't find any that I liked. At that price, they are putting in Radeon HD6670's.

    At $700, I can usually put in a 7850 into my computer.

    Especially at the price of $700, there's nothing that can really shine in terms of gaming performance. They all have strong-ish processors, which is their main selling point.

    But they also have very weak power supplies and GPU's.
  6. Is this one balanced?

    And if it's not, can't I change what parts they put in it? And what would you advise?
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