Help regarding graphics card!

My current desktop config is as follows :-
Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.20 GHz
2 gb RAM ddr2

INTEX Power Supply Smart IT-2045S , 450W,20 pin, 2 sata ; 2 hdd; 1 fan
ac input: 220v 50-60hz 5A
dc output: 3.3V; 30A; 5V 29A 12V:18A -12V:0.5A 5VSB:2A

I hv 1 qs for everyone!
1. will my desktop(proc, motherboard n psu) support ati radeon HD 6570 1 gb gddr5????
2. is there a better gpu less power consumption with equal or better performance?
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  1. Yes it should be supported by the processor and the power supply. A 6570 is a really efficient card, but it is pretty slow. As for the motherboard, I am not sure, because you did not put it's model number right here. But as long as your motherboard have a PCI-E x16 slot, you should be good to go.

    Take a look at the 640 also. I think it has the same power consumption like a 6570.

  2. Can u tell me for which one shd i go (approx same price, equal power consumption, better performance)
    yea n i hv ha pci express connector slot
    I am confused between 6670 and 6570. which one shd i go n will be supported by my desktop?
    I dint really look at nvidia as i tht they tend to be more xpensive n r better for high end cards. For my budget ati gives the best bang for buck.

    Plz suggest the best option for me Ati/ Nvidia, <MODEL>, 1gb/2gb ddr3/ddr5 ??? (keeping in mindmy intex 450w psu ofcourse :( )
  3. 6670 1GB GDDR5 should be the best for you. Look for something like this:
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