My PC turned off mid game?

I was in thee middle of playing a game that isn't very demanding and my PC turned itself off without warning. It was the first game I have played after installing my new Gigabyte 7950 (Upgraded from Power Color 7870 MYST) and Corsair H55 CPU cooler. I'm a noob at PC building but my first guess was the PSU couldn't handle the load. When building everyone said to get a 500w because it would be more than enough but I got a 650w just to be sure so do I need to upgrade again?
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  1. What is the make and model of the 650W - which should be plenty
  2. It's a corsair TX650. I think I fixed it though. I plugged the 3 pin H55 pump motor into the wrong pins on my 4 pin CPU fan power supply. I didnt notice because it would still get power but was running at lowest settings all the time so the CPU wasn't being properly cooled. Thankfully I caught it the first time it happened and I set my power off temp to 80c so no damage was done. Rookie mistake on my first build.
  3. Have you put thermal compound on the cpu?
  4. The H55 came with thermal compound pre-applied
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