Probly a dumb question but..

Probly a dumb question but on my 8 core CPU I noticed my frequency on core 0 is different than 1-7. Core 0 is running at 1400mhz (200.00x7) and cores 1-7 are running at 4100.00mhz (200x20.5). My CPU is an AMD FX-8350 and was just double checking to make sure everything is how it should be. I haven't touched any of the settings to OC. Cores 1-7 don't fluctuate much even while idle but core 0 will bounce around.
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  1. could be cool n quiet, which will down clock when not under load, try to disable it in the bios
  2. There is no such thing as a "dumb question"....

    However, I can't say the same about "dumb people"....

  3. Haha
  4. Disable the " Cool'n'Quiet " mode in the BIOS. Some people have been getting problems with that setting.
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    it's all very normal. no need to disable cool&quiet. your cpu is working the way it is intended to work.
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