GTX 560 TI dolby digital live?

Hullo, newbie here. Hopefully a quick question:

Does the GTX 560 TI graphics card do live encoding for dolby digital?

In more detail: if I run hdmi from graphics card to TV, then optical from TV to dolby-capable digital receiver, will I be able to FUS-RO-DA in full 5.1?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. The graphics card line would carry it, but the question is, will the tv out carry the signal to the receiver?

    Why not do it the more practical way and plug the hdmi into the reciever and then output the video feed into the tv?
  2. There's only one hdmi port on the receiver so I need to keep that one plugged into the TV so I can route everything else through the TV to the receiver using ARC. I have options with that, though: I could use video component and optical, for example. But will a stock standard receiver actually send picture to the TV anyway? Obviously it sends dvd info and such, but will it pass through video?

    Also, i assumed the tv would pass through dolby digital, since I get 5.1 from the ps3 which passes through the tv. I may be mistaken though. My tv is a sony bravia 46 inch.

    But the main question, to clarify - the graphics card WILL do dolby digital live? I know it will do sound, but will it be full 5.1?
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