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I upgraded my GPU to a MSI 7950 3gb Twin Frozer now I need to swap my CPU to the FX-6300. Now here's my question. I have updated my BIOS to it's newest version and from what I have read the swap shouldn't cause me to reinstall my OS. Is there anything else that I need to do before making the switch? I have the Gigabyte GA-78 LMT USB3 mATX.
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    There shouldnt be, a bios update does not affect the os, and i dont think a cpu change should either, what cpu did u ise to update the bios? Id take the cmos battery off the motherboard for a min, and put it back in and go from there if there is any core amount issues
  2. Amd Fx8200 is removing the CMOS really needed? I have been paranoid about working around my MB without a anti-static wrist strap.
  3. Some times with a cpu switch i heard that the bios stays with the old cpu settings, and if u were going 6 core to 8 core, then possibly the 8 core would only have 6 turned on, but since ur going to the 6 from 8, i dont see an issue, also for saved overclock settings if u did
  4. Yeah I didn't oc playing it safe for a bit before I start messing with all that
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