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I apologize if this is the 5000th thread about this, I just finished moving my PC into my first case with an led fan and I'm having trouble. I have the 4 pin molex(I think that's what its called) plugged into my power supply, but there are 4 other wires coming from the fan that I have no idea where they go. I believe there are 2 2-pin wires and 2 1-pin wires. Where do these go? The case I got is a elite 430 mid tower case.
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  1. I think that they should be connected to the PSU too, that's how my 2 120mm case fans powered. I am not sure about having more then 1-2 wires from a single fan, in my case.
    Hope i was somewhat helpfull.
  2. How does it connect to the power supply?
  3. usualy the 4 pins molex go to the psu and the other little ont ot the motherboard fan pins this to the board http://www.allpinouts.org/index.php/Motherboard_%28CPU%29_4_Pin_Fan this other to the psu http://pinouts.ru/connector/4_pin_Molex_power_connector.shtml
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