What Graphics Card should i take?

Good Day to all, I am a new comer in this site and forum;

I am planning to upgrade my System Unit by buying a new graphics card here are my specs:

MIS 785GTM-E45 http://www.msi.com/produc/mb/785GTME45.html#/?div=Overview
-it has a build in video memory

IMaster 80 (bronze) 500w

AMD Athlon II x3 440 3.0GHz

Hanns-G 18.5" HZ194 LCD
-[ Architecture: VGA ],
-[Current Resolution: 1366 x 768],
-[Current Color Mode: 32 bits per pixel],
-[Refresh Rate: 59 Hz],
-[Pixel Shader Version: 3.0],[Vertex Shader Version: 3.0]

Gigabyte GZ-P5 Chassis

* my choices are HD 7750,HD 7770 and GTX650

>my concern was my PSU does not have a 6pin power adaptor,so base on the three i can one choose HD 7750in that case what should i buy?

-Sapphire HD 7750 1GB/128bit ddr5

or a
-Power Color HD 7750 1GB/128bit ddr5

>2nd concern if i choose HD 7770 or GTX 650 can i add/use a molex to 6pin power adapter on my unit,is it advisable,can my unit handle this or it can harm my unit because of power consumption?,BTW i dont have enough budget to upgrade my PSU so maybe I am away from that decision,
-in case i use a 6pin connector/adapter what whould you prefer for me a HD 7750 or a GTX 650 and what brand and version?,you can include more brands just rank it

>thank you in advance buddies,hope you'll help me on this
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  1. That's a crappy PSU and I'd just recommend replacing it with this one (depending on where you live you can get it cheaper after rebate, $25 on newegg).

    But if you don't want to upgrade the PSU then I'd get the sapphire 7750 as long as it's a GDDR5 memory version, stay away from any 7750 with DDR3 memory.
  2. If you are getting a new PSU then grab the 7770

    If you'r worried about power but not upgrading the PSU get the 7750 as mentioned above
  3. the 7770 also requires a 6 pin PCI power lead (i had one a little while ago, but got pissed off with crap drivers for it and went nvidia!) some GPUs that require PCI power will have a molex adapter so you can draw the feed from there, but i would agree with andrewcarr and get yourself a new PSU to go with. i'd say buy the nvidia card, just make sure you get it from somewhere that supports the Step-up program and you can upgrade it for the cost of the difference between cards if you play your cards right!
  4. What is your budget? You might be able to build a much better computer that.
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