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Hi guys,

So i bought a new ASUS K55N laptop a couple of months ago but the battery is only lasting me a couple of hours. I have tried looking at various battery replacement websites but cannot find a new battery that isn't the same as the one i have now. Could you guys help me out? I'm really not very knowledgeable about hardware in general but you guys have never failed me before.

Are there any websites that list compatible batteries to the model laptop you have?
I can see replacement batteries for my laptop are also compatible with other models. If i search for ones that fit those models will it also fit mine?

My Specs:
model: K55N-BH81
The AMD A8-4500M model

I basically need a new battery which could last me a few hours more if possible. With the stock battery i can barely watch 2 hours of video without it running out.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. have you tried to call them and see f they have a bigger battery for your model? it works with me sometimes
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    You want to make sure you chose a laptop battery that use the latest advancements in li-ion cell design. The newer the li-ion cell design, the higher the capacity per cell and the longer the service life.

    Basically, the best cell made today are the Panasonic NNP li-ion cells each cell stores 2900 mAh of power vs a typical 2200mAh... this is about %30 more power and will last for 3 Years . But the cells are costly, so don't expect to find them on Amazon.

    A 6 cell battery made with these cells would boasts specs of 5800mAh / 62Wh and a 9 cell would be 8700mAh / 94 Wh.

    The Max Capacity brand exclusively uses these cells and I'm very happy with the performnce. I bought mine for about $72 from
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