8800GT ,not sure if problem is in PSU

I have :
Motherboard: Asus M2N-MX SE Plus
Athlon 64 X2 4200+ (2.21 GHz)
DDR2 2+1GB
Hard drive 250GB
2 usb devices(keyboard, wireless mouse),headphones with mic, nothing else conected
PSU: Delux dlp-31a atx-400w P4 (few years old)
+12V1 12A
+12V2 10A
+5V 20A

It was working normally with 8500, with 8800(Asus 8800 gt 512mb) problems started. I am not sure if it's PSU realted problems, card was used before me.

A bit of history:
After 8800 was installed it was working few months, then at some point: artefacts, working only on low res and windows can't see it normally, then I gave it for repare and after, after returned it was working ,windows can see it but after seroius task was given gto it-> PC shutdown , this thing was few times, after this it returned to stage :"artefacts, working only on low res and windows can't see it normally".

So it's repairing again and I should receive it soon, should I try to use it with my PSU or it will only hurt it and better not to do it?
Also if this card can't work with my PSU, any suggestions what to do? New PSU cost more then this card :)

Sorry for my english, I am not native speaker.
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  1. Hi, sounds too me like the card is overheating. Has the previous owner ever overclocked it?

    Also, it might be the PSU but in your case, artifacts are normally associated with damage done to the GPU core by overheating from excessive overclocking.

    If you have nVidia's control panel installed, check that it is not being overclocked.Or used GPU-Z to check temperatures and speeds. Use this as a reference http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/248581-33-8800gt-clock-speeds

    The 8800 cards has been around for a long time, and it might simply have failing components.

    As a last resort, try updating the drivers, you may even need to revert to older version sometimes.Experiment.
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