Computer having weird issues

I bought a new graphics card a geforce 560ti upgrading from 8800gt

My computer seems to be locking up/lagging while running any internet browser all of a sudden
and also my 3dmark11 score is horid, like 1100 or something.

I thought it was a cpu issue so i reseasted my quadcore q6700, my temps are still hot but not really hot 35-40c normal and goes up to like 65c when running multiple things

Any ideas/suggestions?

Im about to just reformat and hope for the best

OS- Windows vista 32bit
CPU Q6700 Quad core
4 gigs ram
Geforce 560ti
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  1. Uninstall drivers, reinstall drivers. Check into a program called driver sweeper that will make sure the old drivers are gone.
  2. make sure you have the newest chipset drivers for your mb installed.if the old chipset drivers are old the newer video card may be having an issue with them. (other issue could be the size of your power supply.) if it under sized you could be starving the video card for power it needs to run right. check the 12v plus info of the power supply and post it here.
  3. Did you connect two 6-pin power connectors from the power supply to the graphcis card? Are you connecting the monitor to the graphics card and not the motherboard?
  4. i dont think power is the issue, its a 700 watt ps
    where do i go to get drivers for my motherboard?

    I will try the driver sweeper
    would this cause my problem and slow everything down?
  5. Yeah 2 6pin connected, and im definently outputting from the card not the motherboard
  6. What is the model of the 700 watt power supply?
  7. Ocz something im not at my house so not sure about the model number
  8. Have you checked device manager for any Yellow errors?
  9. as i dont know the model of your mb you can try the intel chipset drivers from intel. if the mb uses via or nvidia chips for the north brige you have to go to those vendors for there updated drivers.
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