What CPUs to go with these 16gb ram setups?

I'm looking for a 16gb ram setup, with SSD and an extra SATA HDD, with the hopes of some gaming but mostly working, the idea of holding minimum 4 monitors and either one of the following cards:

Sapphire Radeon 6450 Flex 1GB
Sapphire Radeon 7770 Flex 1GB
Sapphire Radeon 7870 Flex 2GB

Not sure what motherboard to get but I assume I first have to choose the CPU.

So in each of these three scenarios, what AMD, and what Intel would you recommend?
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  1. Well that is wage! In any hope of gaming you will ignore the HD6450. Working is not enough description to give recommendation on, for example office programs would not need much, certainly not 16GB ram.
    Please clarify working and list programs used.
  2. Yes we need more information before we can advise you on what CPUs would be best for your needs. If you are doing simply office work than you may find that the Intel® Core™ i3, if you are gaming you may find that the Intel Core i5 is a better processor for you, and if media creation work the Intel Core i7 may be the best.
  3. I like to program on browser based platforms so they consume quite a bit of ram, I also like to have a good number of virtual machines running, and a considerable number of work apps like photoshop or dreamweaver, four to six monitors (three to five extended desktops not counting the basic monitor) full of work (I'm not sure right now, I think I read somewhere that 2GB on the graphics card is important for this amount of monitors), and a bit of gaming. I'm still not sure about the gaming as work as a priority, I'll give that some thought.

    I'm starting to see that an AMD CPU might not be good due to its power consumption for starters.

    I'm not sure what PSU to get, too. I'm fidgeting about with the extreme outervision psu calculator and managed to fit a ''high end desktop'' whatever that means, Radeon 7870 with 16 GB of DDR3 RAM on a i3-3220, an SSD, a SATA, one fan, a DVDR device, on a measly 373 Watts, when everything I've read online seems to indicate this card would be needing something along the lines of 550 W to 600 W. Can anyone think of something I'm doing wrong?

    Hmm I just added 30% of capacitor aging and it went up to 470 W, so maybe I'm going in the right direction here.

    Anyway, are there particular brands of i3, i5s and i7s you might recommend? Is there something in my setup I haven't thought that I should be thinking about, like a second fan? Any surprise incompatibilities? thanks in advance
  4. The FX-8350 will yield better results than an intel CPU if you run lots of virtual machines. That's 8 cores, so you could dedicate one core for each VM and have 7 running at a time and 2GB of dedicated to each if you wanted to run that many.

    The i3 will be crap for running virtual machines.
  5. I7 would be best for your use but FX8350 as a budget option. I would go with 550watt quality PSU, the HD7870 needs 2 x PCIe power connectors which you will get with that.
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