Need card recommendation for my Dell & two monitors


I have a Dell Optiplex 980 with an i7, with this system board:

It has an ATI Radeon HD 3450 low-profile, and I have a Dell 24" Ultrasharp using DVI.

Graphics is not my strong point, so here's my noobish questions...

What would I need to change to be able to run (2) of the Catleap 27" monitors?

Alternatively, I may be interested in keeping the 24" and just adding (1) Catleap 27".

Either way, I want one of those Catleap Q270's.

I know I probably need a new graphics card, and money is not an issue there, but I have a feeling the low-profile part may be the deal breaker?

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  1. If you need 2 catleaps, then you need a new card. It needs to have 2 x Dual link DVI outputs, where your current card only has 1. So you could just add 1 catleap with all your current stuff, or 2 if you get a new video card.

    2 random cards from googling - not endorsing these, just showing you a few that have the feature. I'm sure there are plenty more.
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