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I just finished a new build. All is well except the display. I have a HD 6870 connected to a 24" Asus 1920x1080 monitor via HDMI. After installing the latest AMD driver, I had an underscan display when I booted up. I had to go into CCC and set Scaling Options to 0% to get the display to fill the screen. (It was at 12% as default) Yes, I made sure to click on "Apply".

But everytime I re-boot, the display is back to underscanning w/bars top, bot, and sides. The only way I can restore the display to fill the screen, is to open CCC and move the Underscan/overscan slider back and forth once. Then it snaps back to fill the screen.

Is there any way to make the display fill the whole screen... and stick?
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  2. drums101 said:
    are you using catalyst 12.6? if so check out this thread

    Thank you for your reply. I am using Catalyst 12.7
    But I may have accidently fixed it. I temporarily connected the monitor via a DVI cable and the problem was gone. I then switched back to the HDMI interface, and the problem appears to be gone. If it doesn't return, I may leave it rather than mess with the registry. But I will bookmark that thread, just in case.
  3. sounds good in that thread there was similar fixes as well so you might have stumbled upon a fix
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