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Just bought a new CPU. I made sure to buy an AM3 because my mobo has an AM3. When I put it in my computer, it turns on, but there is no display on my monitor, and also the power never reaches my mouse or keyboard (meaning I don't see them light up). I've tried clearing the cmos, unplugging the computer from and holding down the power for 30 sec, and even different sticks of ram. I started wondering if it could possibly be a PSU issue, so I found one of those calculators online and put in my specs with the new cpu. It said my watt usage was 600 with the new cpu and 450 with my old, and I'm only running a 450 psu because my gpu said that was the minimum. Could this possibly be the issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Which CPU and motherboard do you have? The board may have required a BIOS flash before the new CPU was installed.
  2. My old CPU is a AMD Athlon II x2 240. The new one is an AMD FX 4100. The mobo is M2N68-LA. I tried to do a bios update from the manufacturer's website and didn't see one.
  3. So I am an idiot. The new card I purchased is an AM3+ and the my mobo has just an AM3 socket. They may fit, but will not work.
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