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Hello folks, I am new to the board and building computers of my own, so I am looking for some advice. I would like to find a graphics card that will run Adobe CS6 as well as play modern video games comfortably, such as the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online and Planet Side 2. The gaming doesn't necessarily need to be on high settings. I would like to keep the price under $300. The cards Adobe lists on their website seem to be well over this price. Hopefully what I am asking is possible. In advance, thank you very much for your help.
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  1. Here's some additional information on the system I am building. I have an ASRock Z77 Pro4-M motherboard, Mushkin Chronos Enhanced Deluxe solid state drive, intel CORE i5-3450 LGA1155 processor, 300 watt power supply taken from old Dell desktop, and a mid sized tower.
  2. You're gonna want something other than that old power supply to feed power to those delicate components. You'll want at least a 500-600 watt PSU. It's also a good idea to make sure that the PSU is 80+ certified.

    As for the GPU, adobe programs like cuda cores. This is something only nvidia cards have. The GTX 670 would be ideal. However, considering this won't fit in your budget, you're gonna want to grab either the GeForce GTX 570 or the SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7870
  3. Is this the bare minimum price for acceptable performance? Acceptable being CS5 with no lag, especially with brush strokes and the video games able to run smoothly at medium setting.
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    Yea go with the 570, The 6xx cards are not recognized by adobe yet, you can however do a hack to make it possible.

    A 560ti will perform just as well, especially the 448 cuda core version if you wanna save a few $. Can confirm it gives a major boost in photoshop with things like brush strokes etc.

    Another option is to wait for the 660ti which is right on your budget, think it should be around by the end of the month.

    Either way you'll need a PSU upgrade so you'll have to factor that in.
  5. This card is much more reasonably priced, even with many of the same features as the higher priced cards. Do you think it will handle the tasks I have mentioned? Again, thank you guys for the help.
  6. Yes it will provide a boost and can handle games ok (med- high), but the Ti version is alot better in comparison and the 448 is better again.
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