Old CPU, any decent compatible GPU's?1

Hey guys, I have an old Compaq Presario and it has an AMD Athlon 64 3800+ in it. I was wondering if there is any decent compatible GPU's I could buy that wouldn't bottleneck too much. I'm not familiar with OC'ing so i've never tried it. I am going to be buying and putting together a new gaming rig within the next month, but I would kind of like to have a backup/PC my wife can game with me on occasions too, though. We also have an Acer Aspire laptop that has a GTX 610m in it. I know thats not that good either though. What is your guys' opinion on what I should do? Thanks
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  1. Assuming a PCI-E, which the MB should have, I would find a cheap card like an HD 6570 or 6670. Nothing too fast, the rest of the speed would be held back by that CPU.
  2. I'd also say 6670 or 6770
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