ATI Radeon HD 6950 2gb + GTA IV = Bad Performance )=

Hello guys and girls and anyone who's neither.
Just yesterday I received my ATI Radeon HD 6950 2gb from newegg and it has been running great with low temps and fantastic performance for what games I play vs the old 5750 I had... Except on one game... Which of course as the title says is GTA IV.
The problem is I am playing on the same settings my old 5750 did and receive the same 35-56 fps but if I even touch one setting like shadows to low the 6950 craps itself like my 5750 would do and the fps goes from 35-56 to 30-40 and sometimes higher... Weird problem right? Especially when every other game I've played with this card so far it has shined like on Bf3 Ultra with MSAA off I can get 40-60 fps on full large conquest maps as my best example vs the 5750 which could only play on medium with 30-60 fps.

I'm wondering if it has to do with drivers but I uninstalled the previous CCC version I had and downloaded the most recent CCC version for the 6000 HD cards so I'm stumped... Plus I'm not entirely sure if anyone here can even help but I figured I would try here since those GTA IV forums are low traffic and the tech/performance sections are even lower so a response could take a day or more...

Any insight/help given would be appreciated.

I play games on a 1600*900 res.
The rest of my computer specs are.
I7 870 2.93GHZ
8gb Ram

My Current GTA IV Settings

Textures: High
Water: High
Reflection: High
Shadows: off
View distance: 24
Detail distance: 31
Vehicle Density: 51
Vsync: on - tried off as well
Definition: on
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  1. I think the issue is stated at the beginning of this video:
  2. Have you cleaned your system lately of resource wasting crap and registry errors... Junk that can slow down a CPU/GPU? Run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry both:

    Then clean up old driver issues by running Driver Sweeper form Safe Mode. Uninstall the graphic driver again and boot to Safe Mode. Run DS and have it remove any remnants it find of AMD/ATI and Nvidia graphic drivers. Reboot and install the latest driver for your card/OS.

    (Don't fall for the ad in the red box)
  3. It's just GTA IV dude...Don't think about it much....I have a HD 5570 and I can barely get 6 to 12 FPS on 1024x768 at medium settings :P
    GTA IV is a poorly coded game but no disrespect to Rockstar because they did a hard job on it...I think you can get 50 like FPS on lower resolutions though
  4. GTAIV is a very very poorly coded game and doesnt perform well on computers.

    What is your power supply?

    When I run the GTAIV benchmark I can usually pull a 60fps result on my 6950 (which has been flashed)
  5. My PSU is a Antek 900w
    Yeah myself as well when I do the bench mark it says the average fps is 60.
  6. Then thats about right.
  7. I've got an HD6950 2GB (Sapphire).
    It's driving an Eyefinity configuration - 1x23" + 2x20" LCDs.
    I get around 45 - 60 FPS.

    I experienced AWFUL performance at first - turn off reflection and Water:
    Water: High
    Reflection: High
    Shadows: off

    Try switching Water reflection off, lowering reflections and keeping shadows off.
    It should greatly improve performance. The framerate I get is while running in Eyefinity.
    Make sure you have the latest update for GTA IV ( if I'm not wrong). That greatly improved performance in my case.
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