What is the highest video cards I can go with a 650w PSU and GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD

Okay, i've combed the website and googled with no help. Quite simply I figured after building this new computer a year ago that it is due time to upgrade in a few months to a new video card to get ready for ESO. To put it simply I know or think my system will run it just fine but I have a

GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3 AM3 motherboard

8 gigs of ram

650 watt power supply

and current video card is a radeon 6770

I am a gamer but the past few years my computer hasn't played much so I don't NEED the top of the line super best fastest OMG nerdgasm video card :P I just want to know what would be near the top as the best (radeon preferably) for my rig that would last me like 3 years before upgrading again. So I guess best to ask is with the power supply and motherboard I have what is the best video card I can get right now? That way I can for myself go to say newegg and go down the list to ones that are a bit lower and cheeper....hmm any help would be appreciated thanks heh.
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  1. Try this.
  2. Assuming it's a quality power supply, it's capable of running everything upto a Geforce GTX680 or Radeon HD 7970. You should also be able to SLi a pair of GTX660s or Crossfire a pair of 7870s. I think the GTX660Ti and 7870 are probably about the level you're looking.
  3. It is a cooler master 650w power supply but thank you that helps a lot
  4. Tell us the model - Cooler Master does not have the best reputation for power supplies.
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