6870 vs gtx 550 ti

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  1. can u list what res u are using
  2. 1366x768
  3. people say the hd 6870 is better but i have the gtx 550ti and it runs games pretty good i would say the best bet is go for whatever is cheaper
  4. The 6870 blows the 550ti away. If a monitor update is in your future than get the 6870.
  5. HD6870 without a doubt no matter what the resolution is compared to the 550 Ti.

    That should give you a rough idea of how they stack up :)
  6. Even the 6850 is better than the GTX 550 Ti.
  7. HD 6870 blows the gtx 550ti in every way.becoz of 1366x768 u r not understanding the difference.u can try www.hwcompare.com and compare those cards,there u will see the difference.even amd 7750 able to defeat gtx550ti.nvidia gtx 550ti is like dust to radeon 6870.if u upgrade ur monitor,then 6870 is important
  8. while on another thread I put together some charts relative to this thread.
    I hope this helps, 1080p resolution..

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