New cable modem now wireless internet not working.

Hi folks,

Had this problem for months now and only just looking to get it fixed.

Last year I bought a cheap wireless router (a TP-LINK - TL-WR541G) just so that I could connect to X-Box live and download some content for games etc. I set the router up using the CD that came with it and it worked fine and we were able to download what we wanted on the Xbox - update our games etc etc.

Then, earlier this year our internet connection kept dropping in and out so I called up Time Warner and a tech came over and said that there was a problem with the cable connection out on the street and he would need to repair it. He also switched our cable modem for a new one which he said would be more stable at holding connection. When he left I hooked up the router again and when we went to turn on the Xbox we could no longer connect to Xbox Live. The Xbox sees the wireless network but it doesn't connect to to internet.
Anyway we just went without wireless all summer but then last week my wife bought an ipod touch and we'd like to get it hooked up again. The ipod also sees the network but it won't connect.

I've tried power cycling the modem and router etc and resetting the router to factory defaults and starting installation over but nothing has worked.

I'm a real novice at this stuff so any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. Hi again,

    Has anyone got any suggestions about what I can try here? Would appreciate any scrap of help I can get with this.

  2. Does the wired connection work though the router? Is it getting the proper WAN settings from the modem? Check to make sure that the modem is conected to the WAN port of the router and not to one of the regular ethernet ports.
  3. Hi,

    yes the wired connection works fine through the router so I think it's connected OK.
  4. If you get to the internet though ethernet on the router, means it's not an issue with the modem or the router internet settings at least. Can you connect to the wireless network, not just see it? Any error messages? What happens when you try to connect? Have you tried different security settings?

    You can try to do a firmware update on the router, that option should be in it's configuration page. Another thing would be to try a different router, the wireless could have gone bad in yours, it does happen.
  5. Boith devices (xbox and ipod touch) can see the wireless network but neither can connect to the internet through it. I'm showing a strong signal on both so it doesn't look like it's a range problem. I just get the "can't connect to the internet" error on both devices when I try to connect.
    I've just downloaded the latest firmware and I'll intall that tomorrow. I also will try different security and see if that might work. Failing that I will go out and get a new router.

    Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it.
  6. If you can, try using a computer to connect wirelessly, it's a lot easier to troubleshoot than another device.
  7. Thanks again for the suggestions - I've been too busy to try any of them so far this week but when I do get around to it I'll report back here.
  8. RChappo said:
    Thanks again for the suggestions - I've been too busy to try any of them so far this week but when I do get around to it I'll report back here.

    Well after a few weeks delay I bought a new router (a Belkin) and the setup wizard couldn't connect the router to the modem. I'm wondering if this is because the connection is AOL Broadband and it needs to be configured manually? It's not an 'always on' connection and we have to start up the software to get connected.
    Does this kind of connection need a different set up?
  9. Should contact AOL for this to see what they need for configuration.
  10. hang-the-9 said:
    Should contact AOL for this to see what they need for configuration.

    Thanks. I've found some instructions for configuration to AOL. Looks like I have to set up via PPPoE I'll hopefully have time to give that a go at the weekend.
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