Do I usually have to buy a warranty plan separately?

I hope this is an OK place to post such a question.
I mean in general, not just for CPUs.

But I've noticed, at least at NewEgg and Amazon, that you have to buy a warranty plan separately.
so I've I don't check the warranty box, does that mean I have no warranty at all?

I prefer, if it's possible to have international warranty plan(but that's another thing, 1st I want to know if I get warranty at all or do I always have to buy one seperately)

Here's an example of what I mean, with i5 3570 at newegg and amazon:

Thx in advance.
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  1. You're talking about extended warranties.
    manufacturer's usually have warranties(you don't have to buy separately), but you'd have to deal with the manufacturer, and not everything will be covered. With these extended warranties, they can cover more things, extend the life of the warranty and you'd be dealing with a warranty company and not the manufacturer.
  2. The individual parts have warranty manufacturers warranties (retail box processors are usually 5 years), etc.. If you have a system built by a company, they will usually offer a warranty on the entire system (1-2 years possibly) and sell an extended warranty.
  3. So whatever product I buy, I should check the product generally - in the manufacture's website and see what the warranty details are including whether or not it's international?
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