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I have a Gigabyte GA-A75M-S2V motherboard with an AMD A4-3400 and a Gigabyte Radeon HD 6450. I've gone through what the BIOS instructions say (and what everyone else I can find says) and set the onboard video memory to match my discrete graphics card, and set the Init Display First to Onboard. I've even set the Dual Graphics option under performance in the CCC.

Problem is...I can't get the discrete card to display any video, and windows seems to freeze at startup when my monitor is plugged in to the discrete card. I've tried plugging something into both onboard and discrete, but there's no option in CCC to set which one is the "master."

Did the Dual Graphics disable the outputs on my discrete card?
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  1. You are trying to run hybrid cossfire between the card and APU correct? I have similar issues and have also been told that my mobo must be set to default to integrated graphics instead of the discreet card. Apparently the APU must initiate crossfire and then switch outputs to the card. I could be wrong, but every video or installer review has told me set it up this way. I still havent been able to get mine working :(.

    My steps go like this:

    1. Set BIOS video to INTGFX
    2. Verify latest version of catalyst is installed
    3. Shutdown and insert video card
    4. Reboot and enable dual graphics in catalyst
    5. Reboot again
    6. APU outputs video but discreet card does not. However both cards appear in Device manager and catalyst obviously knows that it is there.

    When I switched my mobo video to PCI/E, the system froze at the loading windows screen like yours. When I switched back to INTGFX, it would boot just fine but as before, the discreet card would not output.

    Anyone know of a more detailed APU dual graphics install guide? Lets bump this thread.

    *UPDATE* I just found this piece of free software, haven't had a chance to try it yet, but it might help us both
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