I need a mobo

Hello. I need helping choosing my mobo. I want to build a computer asap i can but after chosing a setup that is this : http://pcpartpicker.com/p/iRBH I have been reading and hearing from friends i can't rly trust this asRock motherboard.
Can anyone tell me good choices i can make in this please?
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  1. saved you a ton of money without dropping performance
  2. Wow ty very much. I am european so i will look for the best prices :). Thanks really... i feel really ignorant atm when it comes to this
  3. if you happen to be in the UK, you can check out parts at the uk section
  4. I'm in Portugal so ill look :). Had the choice of pixmani-pro but it lacks on so many items
  5. yeah i guess.
  6. btw what does the LK in the MOBO stand for ? there are some other options in pixmania-pro but not the LK
  7. it doesnt stand for anything. asus is random that way
  8. so if i buy something like http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131824&Tpk=ASUS%20P8Z77-V%20LX
    is fine aswell? that one i can get from pixmania :)
  9. it wont do SLI but it would be fine
  10. can u try to check wich one should i get then please lol? i really dont understand much about this... only want a good computer to play games but then all those specifications make me crazy because i understand nothing about them :(
    http://www.pixmania-pro.co.uk/ pwease? If there is not a good mobo there ill just order from amazon.uk :). only good thing in pixmania-pro is that i dont play vat
  11. do you want to run dual cards in the future? if not, the LX is fine.
  12. i might need it in the future to keep playing new games no ? im a scrub when we talk about this things. And thanks for helping me really :)
  13. lol just noticed ur nickname... am i uhm... i hope im not getting... lol :p
  14. nah im not.

    the LX can still do crossfire (multi-GPU with amd cards)
  15. ok you were very helpful :). Ty veru much !
  16. no problem
  17. Oh and about the LE mobo? I can get it aswell. I see i have more usbs but cant rly understand some other extra. is it worth it?
  18. yeah. it just has a slightly richer IO. if its not too much more, go ahead and get it

    oh and here are some more websites to go to
  19. ok thanks. wich one should i take from this two graphic cards? :s http://www.pixmania-pro.co.uk/gb/uk/r/Sapphire%20Radeon%20HD7870/0_0_0/?txtSearch1=Sapphire%20Radeon%20HD7870 Price between them is so small. ill calculate after the price and post the final setup i can get from the shop :)
  20. get the cheaper one. the more expensive one is just a little bit overclocked from the factory which you can overclock to the same speed within 5 mins
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