How to change clock speed?


I am unable to access my clock speeds for ATI HD radeon 4870x2.
I looked in ccc, first i need to accept so they unlock the feature for me, but as soon as I unlock it, the tab dispersal.
Then I tried to do it with rivatuner, but the option for clock speed is not there either. I know this because I used both methods before. I was looking to access the clock rate because I am experiencing artifacts, although I there shouldn't be any overclocking going on. Also is not overheat, the card is cleaned, and artifacts happen at cold use, but not in windowed mode. If artifacts happen and i go back to windowed mode and directly after back to full screen, the artifacts are gone for a while again.
I have the latest driver from AMD. Also, I disabled the slave in device manager, do you think this might have disabled that feature of the card? I did this because everytime I boot up till windows, the system would bluescreen. Disabling the slave worked for me.

- ASUS P5Q-E Motherboard
- 1000W
- win 7
- ask me please if need more data.

Thank you very much, all suggestions welcome!
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  1. Alright, that program seem to have access to my card. Thanks, ill look into my problem now.
  2. Not sure if i need to start a new thread or can continue on this one, but now I noticed that my 2D speeds would be 750/900 but my 3D is 507/500...ATI power saving messed up? Also Why would i get artifacts at lower clock rates, im not sure...
  3. spoke too fast, was just a fluctuation while changing D2 to D3, but seems like both 2d and 3d are on 750/900. Not sure if i should underclock, those rates shouldn't cause problem right.
  4. Although those rates seem to be pretty normal, i guess ill try underclocking and see how it goes.
  5. Well i tried to underclock the 3d clock to 2d clock 507/500. Also overclocked to 800/1000, no changes. Seems like the artifacts are caused by something else. And are pretty random atm. I said MSI afterburner worked, yes it worked to change my clock settings. but as soon as i used the on screen display ( like seeing my clock speed on screen while playing games), i get artifacts, pixels change green, or i get a black screen with green lines before i crash.

    Any suggestions?
  6. You might need a new card
  7. As an update, I got artifacts while browsing for the first time, but was way more aggressive then ingame. So i guess it has nothing to do with clock after all...Display driver kept failing and recover over and over again. When I rebooted, i had no visual, not even bios. I went to safe mode blindly. New card? well that might be true, just going to look into this a bit longer though. Thanks, let me please know if more suggestions.
  8. I think your card memory is dead.
  9. ok so here i am back to where i was, i have visual again, restarted, kinda works, but attacks are random as i said and dont know when it will happen again...I am considering a new card, just want to make sure, and do couple more tests to see whats going on.

    Is there anyway i can test my card memory? Or maybe some other kind of test that might tell if my card is malfunctioning? Thanks alot
  10. Do the artifacts make you crash? Could you take a screenshot of the artifacts and post it here?
  11. Somehow suddenly the everything cut loose. normal mode doesn't survive 5 minutes anymore. display driver keeps losing it and try restore. screen goes black, colors mix and i get blue screen eventually and crash yes. I am being pushed more and more to safe mode. Forget about launching a game...Ill post some screenshots in a few minutes. The main artifacts are gray squares on the screen everywhere. and all this happens now just on desktop.
  12. I am not able to take printscreen, I crash before i can print and save... here are some exemples online to compare with how my looks: ( is not the main problem, happend a few times ingame) ( currently having those kind of flickering, moving screen, distrotion ) ( this is the main problem, my are smaller squares and they are gray or brow, but now they are rather green, screen goes black, tries recover, partially back, and with alot of these squares and color changes)

    Display is unable to recover and bleuscreen after getting stuck. My problem is not just artifacts anymore.. :(
  13. Kind of a mix with link 2 and 3 atm when the display driver stops working and i get bleuscreen. But also alot of black screen or partially black screen.
  14. I can confirm that your graphics card is dying, unfortunately. I'd call the warranty if it's still covered, and if it's not, you should get a new card.
  15. well i have been bypassing way too many problems, but now its just over i think.
    I removed the card and replaced it with an older version I had, problem fixed, but back to basic card...thanks for the support guys.
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