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Evening all,
I'm scratching my head on this one. I just upgraded my system from a 8600gs to a GTX 460.
I've got a ECS MATX GF7100PVT-M3 MB, E7200 CPU, 4gigs mem, on Win7-64 - fresh install.
460drivers fresh from Nvidia.
Finding a few frame forward-back jumping, jerking/tearing every couple of seconds type issues playing Blu-Ray(ISO), DVD or avi (xvid/mp3) via PowerDVD 12-1618 in 3D-red/Cyan. DVD and avi less pronounced just flickering every few seconds. Occassional flickers with 3D off on all 3 media types. I don't have the 3d kit yet so its red-cyan. CPU monitor shows about 60% load on both cores. Running TriDef player in 3D red-cyan on all media showed no issues.
The issue appears to be PowerDVD12/GTX 460 related. Did the patches on Cyberlink - no difference.

The only possible cause might be the MB PCI-E is not 2x rather 1x. Researching, this was not to be an issue. Complete re-install of OS to just the bare minimum made no difference.

Ideas very welcome
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  1. what kind of psu do u have?
  2. IMicro 560watt. Thought of that too.
  3. Mmm sounds like the PSU is having a hard time running the card. Try your 8600GS and see what happens.
  4. The PS is the same one that the 8600gt ran on for months. Just put it back in about an hour ago - no issues across all 3 media types using same test files. Little sucker is a real bittach!
  5. The 8600GT does not require much of a power supply.

    Is this your power supply?
  6. Good call! Yup that's it

    Deemo13 said:
    The 8600GT does not require much of a power supply.

    Is this your power supply?
  7. As a backup I paralled another 400w PS to the 4 power cables. Absolutely no difference. CPU's running 75% both cores. GTX 460 cool - I've ordered a Q9300 to try another CPU with a bit more horse power. If not that - then is=ts gotta be the MB.
  8. Rechecking everything I found a BIOS update that's description was designed for a Rev 1.1 board (mine is 1.0) which I didn't apply. Trying that and everything is fixed - go figure! I went to the nearest mirror and cursed myself out!

    Thanks for your time
  9. Glad you fixed it!
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