Graphics Cards-which brand for AMD HD 7750-1GB

which brand will be best for an AMD radeon HD 7750-1GB GDDR5
Gigabyte GV 7750 OC or sapphire radeon HD 7750 OC
i heard that gigabyte version only supports open GL 4.1 instead of open GL 4.2
which will be cooler,safer,long lasted and quiter
I am looking for a overclocked version that dosnot require 6 pin connector
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    Get the 900mhz edition, it's almost as fast as 7750 and uses up pretty much the same amount of power.
  2. OpenGL is a feature of the chip and both should be 4.2.

    Can't tell you which will be " cooler,safer,long lasted and quiter" since you didn't link or give a model number

    Sapphire is an AMD partner, and I have had good experiences with their cards and RMA department (not the cards fault, there was a cat involved).

    Never cared for gigabyte or xfx. But all 3 are fine, whatever is cheaper. Paying for an overclock is a waste when you can do it yourself, but your call
  3. Would a HD 7750 with a core clock of 880 mhz exceed the 75 watt requirement? I am asking because I found a Gigabyte OC edition and it doesn't have an external power connector.
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