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I would like to buy a new graphics card

my system info

model HP Pavilion p6107c
processor Pentium (R) Dual-core CPU E5200 @ 2.50 GHz 2.50 GHz
Ram 6.00 GB
windows vista 64 bit
250W power supply
Motherboard IPIBL-LB (Benicia)
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  1. Got a budget?
  2. .
  3. $200 usd or less
  4. What do you want to do with it? If you want to play heavy games on high settings on 1080p you would definitely need a new cpu and a better powersupply.

    - Fastreaction
  5. You're going to need a new power supply for sure. But I don't feel like dumping $200 into that computer would be economical. Here is what I would do:

    Get a new power supply and a nice video card, like the Corsair CX500 and a Radeon 6850. Then run them in your current computer for awhile until you have enough funds to upgrade the RAM and CPU in your computer.
  6. Well I can put $500 into the computer so could you guys tell me what to get?
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    Get a decent i5 quad available for the cheapest price....OH and if you're going to get the i5 or an i7 you will need a new mobo as well...because socket 775 isn't atleast you can get an old quad core or core 2 duo...and I don't think you have to upgrade your RAM because 6 GB is enough...then get a good GFX card like HD 7850 or Nvidia GT550/GT 560Ti...then you need to get a good PSU...go for an Antec, Corsair, XFX or a good cooler master 500W+ with two +12V lines and two 6pin power connectors for the graphic card...Good luck
  8. Well, you can get a i3-2100 for like $120, and you can get a motherboard and RAM combo for like $75 max.


    ASRock H61-M

    Kingston 4GB (you can get another stick later)

    Total is $190. That means you have $310 for a power supply and a card (and a case)

    This is what I would recommend:


    $70 ($60 with PROMO code)

    So you've got $40 for a case.

    Rosewill Case

    That should total to $500, but there is a cost for shipping. So you can either shell out a tad or lower something.

    EDIT: You can re-use the hard drive and the DVD drive from your other computer assuming the DVD drive is SATA, which it should be.
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