Is my CPU temperature too high?

I recently brought a new computer case for my PC. Since i brought a new computer, i thought i would replace the thermal compound off my CPU and Heatsink and fan. When i first booted it up it was on 22 degrees centigrade and now it is on 30 degrees and it is just idling.

My heatsink/cpu cooler fan is an Asus Axe Square
My CPU is an Intel i5 2500

Should i replace the CPU compound again?

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  1. Your idle temperatures aren't as important as your full load temperatures.

    Please check those and respond back.
  2. 30 idle is normal
    use prime 95 to stress test the cpu and run core temp to check out your temps
    idle is not as important as the load temps because your computer might be workign fine while in idle but it can give you issues while playing games
  3. That sounds normal but you will want to know what is the load temperature. Check the temp while playing a game, if it is under 60-70C, you are fine.

    More info:
  4. Hello, i used Prime95 to test the CPU, the core temperature is at;

    Core #0 50 degrees
    Core #1 53 degrees
    Core #2 56 degrees
    Core #3 52 degrees

    Highest temperature they have gone is;

    Core #0 52 degrees
    Core #1 55 degrees
    Core #2 57 degrees
    Core #3 54 degrees
  5. looks good happy gaming dude
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