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Can't play games in fullscreen

In my sony vaio laptop I have ATI graphics card with 512mb dedicated memory I can play some games in full screen mode but in some games screen cuts from both sides. Is there any solution for playing games like NFS most wanted in full screen??
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  1. Set the resolution in the game to match the displays resolution
  2. I have already set the resolution to max(around 1360x 760) in the video option inside the game. Still I cannot play in full screen
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    For need for speed most wanted you'll need a widescreen hack, because it only supports resolutions of aspect ratio of 4:3 and 5:4.

    Check this out:
  4. You could try pressing ALT - ENTER if the game is in windowed mode. That could work.
  5. Well it worked for NFS most wanted but I was asking that if there is any option in ATI Graphics card like in Nvidea change flat pannel scaling so that i can play all games in full screen.
  6. Thing is, some old games don't support the resolution your screen has, and that's why it isn't fullscreen. You would never want drivers scaling the screen, because then it would look crappy. You should instead look for hacks that allow to change resolution on those old games.
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