I3 vs I5 with gpu

Hi, i am almost ready to order my first build but i stumble across a problem. For an i5 3470 and hd 7750, it is $280 ($190 cpu & $90 gpu) but i thougt would it be worth it for an i3 3220 and hd 7770 ($120 & $125) instead?

tl;dr: i5 3470 with 7750 or i3 3220 with 7770

Thanks in advance
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  1. For gaming, I would go with the i5 and the HD 7750. This is because the i5 is better for gaming and the 7750 is still a very capable card.

  2. Wow thanks for the fast reply, and thanks for the decent response too
  3. For gaming you want the best GPU possible.
  4. If you're running your games on a 1080p monitor, you might be better served getting an i3-3220 ($120) + 7850 ($170). It's really the lowest-spec card that's capable of 1080p at decent settings...
  5. I'd definitely go for the i3 + 7770. The 7750 just isn't powerful enough especially considering you would have a much superior CPU.
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    Since most games use at most 2 cores, you will want the option with the faster graphics card. Therefore, I would recommend the i3 + HD 7770.
  7. okay thanks guys. Ima grab the i3 and see what the best deal on a good gpu
  8. One more thing guys, i plan on buying the iceq 7850 1gb and it was 170, which is no problem of a price. But the thing is since i live in hawaii, the shipping is outrageously expensive, do any of you guys know another online site that would sale at least a 7850 for comparible price? (i checked amazon but they are $180-210)
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