Upgrade 9800 GTX

For upgrade my 9800+ GTX (not running cuda in AE cs6)

I see this nvidia gts450 1Gb

I haven' t money at this time

recommended or not this vga?
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  1. GTS 450 preforms pretty much like 9800GTX+,so it's not worth the upgrade.
    How much do you want to spend and what are your system specs ?
  2. I would wait till you do have money, prices change quite often and sales can be significant enough to gain a decently higher system upgrade. However if you are looking to get it soon the 450 isn't a horrible choice but i would look for something in the 600 series.
  3. excuse me. P5K PRO , 8 Gb RAM, 1 SSD OCZ 128, corsair 750W, HAF 922, Q6600, 2 HD for storage

    I find GTS 450 used for 45 euros

    now, for me, LESS IS MORE
  4. I have a GTS 450 for two years, then upgrade the whole system with GTX 680. Nevertheless, GTS 450 is decent enough to run Arkham City in a rather high settings (Physx turned off).
  5. In short, it wouldn't be an upgrade. I'd save more money, because you would not get any performance boost at all.
  6. He is going to see a increase in performance but it won't be significant at all.It will be around 10-15%.20 percent MAX.
    So if you're getting 50FPS in a certain game now you'll get 55-60 with the GTX 450.That's almost nothing.
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