[Solved] Will a PCIE x1 sound card fit in a PCIE x4 slot ??? / What Sound Card?

I just purchased a new Soundblaster x card and I am having trouble getting it installed into my case. I have a PCI and two PCI express X16 slots open. I am new to pc building but I had thought that the card would fit into one of my x16 slots and the threads here seem to confirm it. However I cannot seem to get the rail on the card to align with the case and get the card to snap down in the slot at the same time. I already installed a wifi card with hardly any trouble but I am getting very frustrated with this one. :cry: Please don't tell me it wont fit and I am stuck with motheboard audio, I used a gift credit for it and I cannot get that back. Grateful for any help.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    Interesting issue, as far as I am aware, it should fit, is there something blocking the card? Capacitor or logic chip or... do you have another slot to try?

    and then I saw it said solved, I'm assuming you got it in.
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