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Upgrading & need help

Ok I want to upgrade my graphics card... and im sure ill also need to upgrade my power supply. My friend told me to ask about it on here before i even bought the card and supply...

I have a "Dell XPS 8300"

The graphics card I was thinking of:

The power supply I was thinking of:

Is that A good enough power supply for that card and is there anything important that I need to do when changing the card and supply... I have never done anything like this before. I dont want to ruin anything...
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  1. That is plenty of power supply for that card. Usually I shy away from Rosewill PSU's, but they have stepped up their game lately with their more expensive PSU's.
  2. If you think there is a better power supply then id be willing to take recommendations...
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    This one would be a better one. Still a Rosewill, but if JonnyGuru recommends it, it is a good PSU.
  4. Both the HIVE and CAPSTONE series from Rosewill are good. It's their models that are below a 80PLUS Bronze rating that aren't worth suggesting.
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