Are all my parts compatible? i will be buying tonight.

can you guys tell me if all my components are compatible, give me a review of the build, thanks. I am the most worried about the psu wont fit in the case, if it will please tell me(haf x)

I will be also adding watercooling (cpu&gpu)
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  1. Can I let you in on a dirty little secret of compatibility checking?

    Things to note in matching every single component to every single component;
    1. Physical dimensions
    2. Connection type
    3. Voltage/Wattage
    4. Misc. such as x64 for a 64 bit OS
  2. Where's your motherboard?
  3. MrTechguy247 said:
    Where's your motherboard?

    the motherboard is in the 1st link, its a msi z77 mpower
  4. I will be buying my new computer tonight (gmt+0) so you guys can still give me feedback (:
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