I5 3570K temperature too hot

Hello, I got myself new pc and it has as cpu i5 3570k
when idle its temperature is 30-35 degrees
when im on google or fb, its around 35-40 degrees
but when im playing games it can get till 60 degrees
with prime95 its temperature could reach 70 degrees celcius
is this normal?
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  1. i play games like planetside 2 and tera on max, and it get to 60 degrees celcius
    when i play games like s4 league, it rises to 45-55degrees
    i have a gpu but my temperature of gpu is good, perfect.
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    70C in Prime95 is just fine since anything below 80C on a CPU can be considered safe. You could upgrade the CPU cooling if you want to go lower, but there really is no reason to since you won't run into any stability issues at that temperature.
  3. With the stock cooler you are in good shape. If you were to pick up a more robust cooling solution you can expect to see the temperatures drop until you started to overclock. For me I worked to stay under 80°C with my overclock with an Corsair H100.
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  5. thankyou guys, i feel safe now. i know now it wont explode
  6. If you would like to overclock, have cooler temperatures and less noise without emptying your wallet, then I can recommend the Seidon 120M.

    I tried my best to make a review of it. Take a look. :)

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